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What is Conscious Cannabis Coaching & is it right for you?

AWARENESS & CLARITY: Have you ever wondered how your relationship with Cannabis impacts your daily life? Gain insights into your habits, thoughts, emotions, fostering self-awareness and clarity in your life.

CONSISTENT USE: Do you ever feel like your Cannabis use has become more of a routine than a conscious choice, perhaps partaking all the time? Do you find yourself irritable, impatient, short tempered or dull when you can’t get high?

MINDFULNESS & HEALING PRACTICES: Are you longing for more balance and alignment? Do you wish you could have a quieter mind or that you could react less in life without having to always turn to Cannabis to make the shift? Immerse yourself in the healing practices of Meditation, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Mindfulness and other healing modalities

SELF LOVE & NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION: Do you find that you are often really hard on yourself? Do you find your old patterns holding you back? Do you rely on Cannabis to keep the anxiety at bay? Learn how to shift this painful pattern and begin to create a Sanctuary within.

FINANCIAL IMPACT: Have you noticed over-spending or neglecting other aspects of your life due to your cannabis habits?

CANNABIS AS SACRED MEDICINE: Do you find that your Cannabis use sometimes feels more like a habit than a conscious choice? Explore the Sacred nature of Cannabis through ceremony, learning to honor it as an ally rather than just a substance, and how to work with the medicine to co-create and collaborate on your healing journey.

HEART-MIND COHERENCE: Have you ever thought about the connection between your heart and your choices? Develop qualities of the heart, including loving-kindness and compassion and learn how to have a healthier mind so that you can live with more harmony and peace

EMPOWERMENT & PURPOSE: Feeling a bit lost lately? Or that you live your life on auto-pilot, lacking a sense of direction? Do you know who you are when you are not on the medicine?

Join us for a life filled with purpose, fulfillment and meaning.

RELATIONSHIPS: Are you in a relationship with a partner that doesn’t partake? Do you find yourself hiding or being secretive? Or perhaps you both use and have forgotten how to enjoy each other without Cannabis?

TRAVEL & EMPLOYMENT: Has your relationship with cannabis ever created challenges in your travel plans? Or interfered with getting or keeping employment?


EMPOWERMENT PRACTICES: Discover and practice life tools to support you in meeting whatever life brings your way with more acceptance and ease. Strong emphasis on Integration and weekly homework encouraged to support your growth.

COMMUNITY: Join a supportive community, where you can experience open authentic meaningful connection and shared experiences with like minded people who get where you are coming from.

SACRED CEREMONY: Learn how to connect with Cannabis on a deeper level through Sacred ceremony practices, creating a relationship of reciprocity and the potential for profound personal transformation.

SKILLED FACILITATION: You will be guided by an authentic warm hearted and experienced Facilitator. Lotus (Michelle) McClatchie has been a Clinical Therapist for over 15 years and has an extensive history of study with plant medicines, meditation and other healing modalities. She guides from the heart, from her own experience on her healing journey and from her deep respect and connection with Cannabis.

OFFERINGS: Periodic 8 week long online sessions, as well as 1:1 direct coaching.

Join us on the Conscious Cannabis Journey from Habit to Harmony and transform your life!

Conscious Cannabis Program: Offerings
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